General FAQs




  • How do I set up an account?
  • Select Login from the upper right hand section of the screen. Once the login screen opens select “Don’t Have an Account” near the bottom. Fill in the account registration fields and select “Create New Account.”
  • I already had an account on and now I cannot login.
  • Site users with a previous account on as of May 19th, 2019 will need to create a new account. As part of the relaunch all users must create a new account. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. If you have an account on before May 19th, 2019 then you will need to create a new account.
  • I am having an issue with my account.
  • If you are having an account issue submit a help desk ticket
  • I am not able to register for an account.
  • An account registration may be blocked due to an error in registration or a geographical restriction. To learn more about why you were unable to register with please submit a help desk ticket.  
  • Do I need an account to see prices?
  • In order to see prices for items that are in stock you must register for an account.
  • Why am I being told to login to download some items?
  • Some of the content provided on is only available to registered site visitors.
  • What are the benefits of registering for an account on
  • When you register for an account on you gain access to select documents, the ability to see pricing, and purchase select products.


Technical Product Support


  • I need help repairing my equipment/part.
  • Contact our technical support staff via a help desk ticket. The appropriate qualified technical support staff engineer will contact you.
  • I don’t see a product I own in the product catalog.
  • If you are unable to locate a product you own navigate over to our support tab and select an appropriate Channel Partner to contact.
  • I need access to product information.
  • Product information is associated to the product. To see product manuals, brochures, specification sheets, or other documents navigate to the product page via the product navigation or by searching the product name or number.
  • I need access to software information.
  • There are a few paths to access software information. For configurable software you can search the name of the software or the name of the product you purchased. When you land on the product page, select “download.” You will be directed to a detail page for that particular software. For purchasable software you can either search the software by name or navigate to the product catalog.
  • I am having difficulty selecting the appropriate product. Who can I talk to?
  • You can contact a Channel Partner or submit a technical support ticket.


Purchase/Order Support


  • Where do I find information about my current order or a past order?
  • Navigate to your account located in the upper right hand corner of the site. Once “Order History” is selected your order history and order status will be visible. If you have a question about what your order status means check out our FAQ Order Status page.
  • I need to cancel my order.
  • Canceled orders are only accepted before a product has been packed for shipment. Check your order history to see up-to-date information regarding your order. If your order has already been packed for shipment you will need to submit a help desk ticket.
  • I need to return my product.
  • Submit a help desk ticket and the appropriate support personnel will contact you to discuss your return.


Software Purchase


  • What software does Woodward sell online?
  • All software for sale through can be located under the product navigation.


    GAP Related Software/Toolkits

  • I purchased software; where can I find my serial number?
  • The serial number associated with your product purchase is located in the “My Account.” Login and navigate to My Orders. From the My Orders screen, select View Details for the order containing the software purchase. The product serial number is located near the bottom of the page in your product detail information.
  • I purchased software; where do I generate a site code in order to request a license key?
  • A site code is generated when the free trial version of the software is downloaded. In order to generate a site code, navigate to the software product page and download the free version of the software at the bottom of the page.
  • I purchased software and need to generate my authorization key. Where do I generate the authorization key?
  • Login, navigate to My Account, and select Software License Authorization. In order to generate a Software License Authorization key you will need a serial number and site code.

    MotoHawk Related Software/Toolkits

  • How do I check what MotoHawk License are on my Token?
  • Follow this Link for Instruction on Viewing your License Information
  • How do I update my MotoHawk License?
  • A MotoHawk maintanance purchase is needed to update your Motohawk license. If you have purchased a Motohawk maintanance update, you can get your license updated by a quick and simple email transaction. Use the License Update tool to create a license .tkf file. Email this .tkf file to (if you purchased the license through one of Woodwards Channel Partners, email the .tkf file to the channel partner). We will then email an activation file (.acf) back to you that can be uploaded using the same License Update tool.

    Hint: Be sure to include your Woodward Sales Order number with your email. The sales number for online purchases is located in My Account, under Order History. A valid Woodward sales order is required for license maintenance updates.


    General Site Support


    • I am not able to complete a purchase. I am seeing an error stating that the site is under temporary maintenance.
    • We are running routine maintenance on our site. Please try again later. If you have attempted to submit an order multiple times, please contact our support team via the Help Desk Portal.
    • How can users ask questions about security or report security issues to Woodward?
    • Woodward has established a help desk for security-related issues. Please e-mail questions or reports to
    • I submitted a support ticket but cannot find the information in my account.
    • The support ticket portal is managed off of this platform. Navigate to our online help desk and login with your help desk account information.
    • I am experiencing an issue with accessing eBusiness.
    • eBusiness is an online portal designed to support select partners. If you are a partner who has had access to eBusiness in the past and are currently experiencing an issue with accessing the portal, please contact your Customer Service Representative.
    • I am not able to navigate the site successfully.
    • This is most likely due to an issue with your browser selection. Clear your browser cache first. If the issues persist try a different browser. For the best web experience, please use Chrome, or Firefox, or Internet Explorer.
    • What is the Help Desk Portal?
    • The Help Desk Portal is an online hosted support ticketing system. The portal helps us manage inquiries and make sure that we respond in a timely and effective manner.
    • What is a Help Desk Ticket?
    • A help desk ticket is submitted through the Help Desk Portal. A help desk ticket is submitted by a website visitor and provides Woodward support team members with the necessary information to help resolve the issue you are experiencing.
    • Why do I need both a account and a support account?
    • A support account is located in the Help Desk Portal. The Help Desk Portal is managed on a different website than
    • Why do I need to go to a different site to submit a help desk ticket?
    • Currently our Help Desk Portal and ticketing system is hosted off of As we continue on a path to improving the customer experience Woodward offers, we hope to offer a more seamless Help Desk experience in the future.
    • How do you use my account information?
    • See Woodward's privacy policy and terms of use.
    • How do I contact someone at Woodward?
    • For a prompt response we encourage you to submit a help desk ticket. You can also contact a Woodward support team by calling +1 (800) 543-5811.