RTNGateway™ Service Packs


    This ServicePack (9927-2204) is for the RTNGateway™ VxWorks Device. The Service Pack will upgrade the 5418-3911 footprint to the 5418-6793 footprint Revision NEW and VxService to Revision D

    This release -

    • Improves communications performance by removing SSH/SFTP encryption on controls which are not Cyber Secure
    • Adds Account Manager functionality on controls which are not Cyber Secure
    • Improves flash file system performance

    System Requirements:

    AppManager 3.06 or higher, Control Assistant 4.1 or later.

    Installation Instructions:

    After downloading this file, you will install this service pack using AppManager from your desktop or laptop computer. For instructions on installing the service pack, refer to the AppManager help. AppManager Help is started under the Help menu. For instructions on installing the service pack on an RTN, please refer to AppManager help.

    Special Instructions:

    • If installing this Service Pack using AppManager RTN Browser function, you must install the Service Pack on all of the RTNs before installing the 5466-6771 footprint on the main CPU you are connecting to the RTN through.  If the main CPU is updated first you will no longer be able to connect to the RTNs due to the change in communication protocol (removing SSH/SFTP encryption)
    • Installing this service pack on an RTNGateway effectively changes the part number from a 8200-1250 to 8200-1252.  You should call your customer service representative to notify them that the serial number history must be updated.



    RTNGateway™ Service Packs
    2.8 MB