Ladder Logic


    Ladder Logic is a tool for programming and monitoring sequencing logic in Woodward GAP-based controls.

    For a control to be programmable via Ladder Logic, the GAP application must have been programmed with Ladder Logic support. When the GAP application is compiled, it generates a file with a ".sym" extension (application_name.sym). This file must be available to the Ladder Logic program for it to be able to run.

    What's New

    • The Windows interface of Ladder Logic has been brought up to date. Some user interface features from previous versions of Ladder Logic are now implemented differently
    • Support for Micronet TMR and Redundant controls
    • Find and Find Next
    • Context menus
    • Point&Click branch creation
    • Simple Undo function
    • Copy and Paste an arbitrary set of rungs
    • Improved Help

    System Requirements:

    • Pentium® 2 GHz PC
    • 1 GB of RAM
    • NOTE: Slow machines may perform screen updates (e.g. when scrolling or paging down) very slowly for large applications
    • Windows® 2000, XP, Vista or 7
    • Microsoft .NET 2.0 Framework (Click here for the .NET Framework. )

    Installation Instructions:

    1. The first step in installing Ladder Logic is to download the file from this page. This file is an installation program that will step you through the installation process.
    2. After downloading this file, run it and follow the instructions on the setup dialogs.
    3. To use Ladder Logic, you will need to copy the GAP compiler generated ".sym" file to a directory that is accessible to the Ladder Logic program.



    Ladder Logic
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