High G Munition Control

Woodward’s High G CAS (Control Actuation Systems) withstand 16,000 g loads for precision guidance of gun launched munitions.

Proven in U.S. Army trials, Woodward's High G CAS are suited to a broad variety of gun launched munitions including:
  • 5" and 6" Naval gun munitions
  • 60mm, 81mm, and 120mm mortars
  • 105mm and 155mm Army artilery rounds

Woodward's High G CAS is comprised of a housing, internal electro-mechanical actuation, canards or fins, and electronic controller. Components are fully integrated and design engineered for affordable cost, reliable performance, and high-rate production. Extensive lab and field tests have validated our CAS capabilities in contending with tremendous set-back, set forward, and balloting loads of gun fired munitions.

Working with major prime contractors and U.S. weapon development centers, Woodward has developed some of the nation's premiere experience in reliable control of weapon flight surfaces for gun fired munitions. Our technology enables battlefield commanders to precisely and reliably place munitions on target in complex environments – reducing risks to war fighters, collateral damage potential, and logistics costs.