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Woodward is one of the leading wind converter suppliers for renewable energy generation. More than 18,500 installed converters in onshore and offshore applications show Woodward’s competence and experience as a leader in the wind energy business. Precise and intelligent control algorithms of CONCYCLE® wind converters, in combination with variable-speed generators, create an optimized power-generation system with power plant quality. CONCYCLE® converters operating successfully throughout the world and are subject to varying conditions and requirements. We are there to support you in eight wind energy support centers from Fort Collins to Makuhari. With a service life of over 20 years and similar investment obligations, you need a strong partner who will be available when you need us-- whether it is now or in 20 years. We offer support during the commissioning phase and throughout the entire service life of your wind turbines, enabling you to operate cost-effectively and with maximum productivity.