Supplier Code of Conduct

The purpose of this Code of Conduct is to communicate to each supplier the requirements and expectations Woodward has with regard to ethics, integrity, and compliance. We welcome any questions you have regarding this Code, and we appreciate your adherence to the requirements, values, and principles set forth. Download our Supplier Code of Conduct here.



Our Suppliers must comply with all applicable environmental health and safety laws, regulations, and directives. Suppliers should protect the health and welfare of their people, visitors, and others who may be affected.


Business Integrity

Woodward guarantees accuracy in business records, and we expect our suppliers to do the same. We expect confidential records to be treated with care and properly marked. Furthermore, we expect the following of anti-corruption, Antitrust, and global trade compliances including conflict minerals.


Customer Satisfaction

We are passionate about our customer’s success and strive for Customer satisfaction in all aspects of our business. Suppliers should ensure that their products meet our company’s quality standards and use compliant parts during manufacturing.


Employment Practices

Woodward is committed to providing a harassment, discrimination, and drug free workplace to encourage a safe collaborative environment.


Human Rights

Woodward does not use child labor or engage in practices that result in forced labor. Furthermore, we expect our suppliers to adhere to laws and regulations prohibiting human trafficking and forced labor.



Suppliers have a responsibility to raise concerns arising from this and any other code. In the event of a code violation, Woodward may pursue corrective action to fix the situation. Woodward promotes a work environment free of retaliation for reporting.


Personal Integrity

Suppliers should avoid conflicts of interest, and insider trading while conducting business with Woodward. Our suppliers compete on a basis of merit rather than gifts, so Woodward does not accept gifts in exchange for unfair consideration