Hydraulic-mechanical governors in a wide range of work output ratings


Woodward hydraulic-mechanical and electronic governors provide reliable and precise control of engine speed and output in every type of engine application.





Hydraulic-mechanical and electronic governors from Woodward ensure exceptionally reliable and precise control of engine speed and output in virtually every type of engine application.Woodward governors are used in power generation, marine, pump, compression and vehicle applications, among others.They are available in work output ratings ranging from 10.8 inch-pounds up to 500 foot-pounds.Our SG and PSG governors are simple to operate and offer exceptional reliability. Driven by a suitable SG/PSG/EG drive on the engine, these governors operate using the engine’s own oil supply at minimum pressures of 25 psi.Woodward’s universal governors (UG) are mechanical-hydraulic governors for controlling diesel, gas or dual-fuel engines, or steam turbines. This proven design has been an industry standard for many years and worldwide acceptance ensures easy servicing in most engine and governor shops.The mechanical governor backup capability of Woodward's EGB governor/actuators provides increased reliability and safety during the operation of dual-fuel and diesel engines or gas and steam turbines.Woodward's PG pressure-compensated governor line effectively controls the speed of the largest engines and turbines with work capacities ranging from 12 to 500 ft-lb.





  • Simple to operate and exceptionally reliable.
  • Precise control of engine speed and output.
  • For virtually all types of engine applications: power generation, marine, pump, compression and vehicle applications.
  • Proven, industry-standard design.
  • Worldwide acceptance and easy service.
  • Simple Governor (SG) 5.7 – 40 foot-pounds of work.
  • Universal Governor (UG-25+) 10.8 – 21.7 foot-pounds of work.
  • Governor (3161) 18 foot-pounds of work.
  • Electronically Controlled Actuator w/ Mechanical Backup (EGB) 1-300 foot-pounds of work.
  • Large Pressure-Compensated (PG) 12-58 foot-pounds of work.